CAL Development / CAL Construction's comprehensive approach to construction management can yield the greatest overall benefits to a project; the earlier the CAL team is engaged in the process, the more it can contribute to a successful outcome. CAL finds that consulting closely with clients during the design and development phases brings tangible advantages to the end result – including enhanced construction quality, minimized risk, and greater value.

A centrally managed resource pool and strong subcontractor
partnerships are integral to CAL’s approach – resulting in timely, efficient and cost-effective crew mobilization. Emphasis is placed on education and professional growth for all team members as well. CAL’s project personnel have developed an appreciation and understanding of the increasing complexity of construction projects, with a full view of the building as a technological system – requiring seamless integration of multiple subsystems to function as a high-performance whole.

To complement its comprehensive construction approach, CAL also provides access to trusted and responsive tradesmen through its Property Services Group. CAL offers commercial property owners a broad set of maintenance, remodeling and revitalization services – from minor repairs to renovations and systems upgrades. Carpentry, flooring, painting, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofing and siding professionals are available to perform general maintenance activities on a regular schedule, and in response to emergencies.
For ongoing maintenance programs, CAL’s Property Services Group utilizes a maintenance management system to create customized task schedules for a customer facility. Routine maintenance tasks are generally smaller-scale activities performed on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis, aimed at the general upkeep and efficient operation of a building and its systems. Examples include equipment inspections, lighting and filter changes, wall and ceiling
repair, painting or lock and hardware replacement.

Overall, CAL Development / CAL Construction has developed an approach to client engagements that provides value throughout all stages of project execution – from preconstruction and build, to ongoing maintenance post-completion.